Barry ( 1389 adoptions )
If you're looking for an average, run-of-the-mill pet, then Barry definitely isn't the choice for you! This little fluffian just loves to play, and you'll find plenty of fun hanging out with him. This guy seems to never run out of energy, he'll be good four hours of play, you can bet your boots on that!
Mary Sue ( 898 adoptions )
Mary Sue is quite the character! She's big on fun, and always ready to make a new friend -- except, that is, during her occasional shy spell. But either way, you'll love having this little fluff around to spend time with!
Todd ( 1021 adoptions )
Todd is the newest fluff to join the island -- and when we say newest, we're not kidding! This little guy's fresh out of the egg! He's new to just about everything, and could sure use a friend or two to help him learn along the way!
Geriander ( 237 adoptions )
Good ol' Gerry, he's got plenty of wisdom to mete out to the willing listener. This pleasantly venerated fluff certainly has seen life from its different angles, but he's got enough time left under his belt to make a good pet for just about anyone!