Florph ( 776 adoptions )
One fish, two fish, red fish... green fish! This little guy represents our first installment of the little critters who make their home in the waters surrounding DragonIsle! He's more than just a fish, though, he's dying to make some new friends, so go ahead and add him to your collection!
Gargle ( 353 adoptions )
Okay, okay, so he's not the friendliest fish on the block. But this fish of all fishes isn't the kind to just sit back and leave you bored, either. You can be sure you'll find yourself glad you adopted this guy, and may be surprised to see him actually even smile on occasion!
Brutus ( 1256 adoptions )
Big, burly... and grumpy! Brutus is one mean fish. You may notice the sharp teeth and pointy dorsal fin -- this is a fish to be reckoned with! But get on his good side and you've got a protector for life.
Lurpus ( 1014 adoptions )
Lurpus may be on the small side, but he'll keep you on your toes enough that you'll probably think there's two of him floating around you! He's plenty friendly, and always loves having something to do, which makes him the perfect pet for just about anyone!