Pets pets pets, in all their glory! These little bad boys aren't your usual little gif images, oh no sirree! When you adopt one of these pets you're getting something MUCH more interactive. With every page refresh your pet will change, they'll move and pose in a new picture for you every time! Go ahead, click the refresh button and see for yourself!
Dragons ( 6 total )
How could DragonIsle be complete without its own collection of adoptable dragons? Adorable, ferocious, nasty, lovely --- you name it, they do it! Keep checking back, too, since we plan to add more dragons soon enough!
Fish ( 4 total )
Immediately surrounding DragonIsle you can find... well... water! How else do you think we could call this an island! These swimming species are up for adoption, and come in all sorts, shapes and sizes. Browse through to find the one you like best! Or just adopt them all!
Fluffs ( 4 total )
Fluffs? What are fluffs? They just happen to be the species indigenous to DragonIsle, of course! This bipedal little fluffians just love to run amock. Adopt one yourself and see just how flexible these little buggers' legs really are!
User-Created Pets ( 3 total )
We've got some pretty talented artists here at DragonIsle, so we thought we'd give the top artist for every month the chance to design their own pet for the site. Click on in to check them out, and adopt one if you like!